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Getting the Best Deal

If you can save 5 bucks on a room, you can spend it on so many other nice things!  A book for your kids, a latte for you, a couple of gallons of gas. . . so many nice things!  The same is true for independently owned and operated hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts- any money they save is returned to make their lodging nicer or goes back to their community.  Savings benefits all involved- it’s win-win!

Presently, the most convenient way to reserve a room is by using one of those giant booking companies- you know who they are, they advertise all the time, and that one guy is CONSTANTLY on the news!  While they certainly do advertise plenty, their bread and butter is serving the Big Guys- the franchises.  And many of them are even owned by the same company, creating only the mirage that they compete against each other!  How do lodging facilities get advertised on those sites?  Generally, by paying a fee.  Who pays that fee?  You do!!!!

If you want to get the very best price, call the hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast directly.  Ask them if they have any discounts. Not only will you be presently surprised at how much cheaper an independent lodging facility costs, but you also can gauge  how friendly the management is, and have any questions you have answered.  Ask them, “Is it cheaper to book directly through you or can I get a better deal through the internet?”  Get the bottom line, and book your room.  Who wins?  You do, and the independent hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast gets your business. Save your 5 bucks for yourself, and let someone else’s 5 bucks go to some corporation somewhere!

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