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Why should I list my hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, or vacation rental with Mom and Pop Motels?

Mom and Pop Motels exists to preserve the independently owned and operated hotel, motel, and bed and breakfast, thereby contributing to local economies, preserving historic lodging, helping little motels and hotels to compete against giant, boring, franchised lodging, and helping travelers find cool places to stay. The more revenue we have, the more we can improve our website to meet these goals. If you’d like to contribute to help these efforts, we welcome your donations! Whenever you are feeling generous, or for whatever other reason you have, please feel free to drop a check in the mail to us at:

Mom and Pop Motels
P.O. Box 134
Red Lodge, MT 59068

Prefer to use PayPal? Donate here:

We will send you a nice, handwritten card expressing our heartfelt gratitude, and you can walk around feeling great about helping such a great cause! 

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