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Advantages for Hotel, Motel, and Inn Owners

Why should I list my hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, or vacation rental with Mom and Pop Motels?

  1. To get your property on the web if you don’t have your own website, or to complement your existing site.
  2. To compete with the “big dogs.”
  3. It’s free!
  4. Mom and Pop Motels is owned and operated by a small, mom-and-pop company that will do everything we can to bring you more guests!
  5. The future is bright! We at Mom and Pop Motels have a lot of plans to help you with operating, improving, and enjoying your hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, or vacation rental.
  6. Different folks like different places, and highlighting your place will bring your guests to seek what you have! You can build your own listing. Invite cyclists to stay with you because you have convenient parking right outside the door. People who are exploring your town will stay at your place because you are centrally located. Skiers might stay with you because a ski bus stops nearby. Some might stay because, hey, you offer the cheapest bed in town! Whatever the reason, a listing on will help travelers find your property.
  7. Signing up is easy! Just click the image at right and we’ll walk you through the process. Have a problem? Or, do you know a great mom and pop owner who doesn’t use computers? Computer not necessary! No email? No problem! Have a listing but no pictures? We can help! Call us, and we will work with you to make your listing easy and painless, with great results. If you don’t have pictures, we will figure out a way to get some.The bottom line? We want you on our site, and we’ll do whatever we can to help!
  8. It’s free! Post a picture of the exterior of your property, add a description of your property and related amenities, and link to your own website.
  9. You can manage your listing and its content anytime.
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